Plastic Resin Prices Continue to Rise

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“Prices of all the volume commodity resins moved up sharply after the unprecedented mid-February winter storm that hit the Gulf Coast, shutting down as much as 80-85% of production of key feedstocks and resins. The limited public information from resin suppliers on restarts or damage to the facilities contributed to an uncertain outlook on resin availability. As part of the fallout, demand appears to have surpassed supply for all volume commodity resins with perhaps the exception of polystyrene. Prices reacted accordingly, most extremely for PP. It was expected that before the end of March, there would be a better assessment of where things stood.”

Plastic resin is essential in the production of several janitorial supplies. The rising prices on resin will affect garbage bag pricing across the world due to increased demand. Dependable Plastics and Supplies is uniquely qualified to assist companies in finding the best value for their janitorial supply budget. We understand that rising prices are not ideal, however we are constantly adding sales and various promotions for our customers to take advantage of.