Is Your NYC Restaurant Ready to Re-open?

The information below are the requirements for restaurants to re-open in New York City. Is your restaurant ready? If you need additional hand sanitizer dispensers, plates, cutlery or any other types of janitorial supplies call Dependable Plastics and Supplies at 718-437-5000 now and we will be happy to assist you.

Limit indoor capacity to no more than 25% of maximum
occupancy, exclusive of employees.
• Conspicuously post the number of patrons that
constitutes 25%, making such posting visible to
patrons inside and outside of the restaurant;
• Conspicuously post, both inside and outside of the
establishment (e.g., on the door), the phone and
text number to report violations: individuals who
observe violations can report issues by calling 833-
208-4160 or by texting ‘VIOLATION’ to 855-904-
• Only permit entrance to employees or patrons if
they have their temperature taken before or
immediately upon entering the establishment and
have a temperature no greater than 100.0°F (as
described below in the “Screening” section); and
• Only permit patrons to dine indoors if 1 person
from each party signs in before or immediately
upon entering the establishment, providing the full
name, address, and phone number for use in
contract tracing efforts.
All employees must wear an acceptable face covering at
all times.
Ensure patrons wear face coverings at all times, except
while seated; provided that the patron is over the age
of 2 and able to medically tolerate such covering.
Indoor tables with seating for customers must be
separated by a minimum of 6 ft. in all directions. Where
distancing is not feasible, erect physical barriers
between such tables. These barriers must be at least 5
ft. in height and must not block emergency/fire exits.
Limit the number of patrons to any event at the food
services establishment to the lesser of 25% of maximum
occupancy or the current social gathering restrictions
that are in effect for the region (i.e., 50 or fewer people
in Phase 4 regions, as of September 10, 2020).
No more than 10 people may be seated per table;
individuals must be members of the same party but may
be from different households.