• Two Motor Vacuum – Commercial Heavy Duty Super Powerful Suction Motor –
Unbelievable 90” of Water Lift (suction) at the end of the hose –
• Geared Driven Powerful Brush Roll Motor
• New Hepa Filtration System – with a push of a button, easily change Hepa filter as needed.
• Re-Engineered Larger debris opening to stop dirt from clogging
• Xtra Heavy Duty New Cord Mounting System
• Hi-Tech Fire Retardent Sound Deadening Gel for Quiet use during Daytime
or Night Time Cleaning
• 15” Cleaning Path
• Long Lasting Geared Drive Belt
• 3-Way Switch turns on both motors or suction motor only
• Patented Lock Stretchable Attachment Hose – Dependable Screw-In Fit so Hose
Locks In Without Fail –
Hose stretches from 3 Feet to 6 Feet
• Built-In Circuit Breaker – Automatic Shut Off of Brushroll Motor so you cannot damage motor
• L-Shaped Base – Superior Cleaning for those hard-to-reach places
• Self-Adjusting Head
• Perfect® Quick Change Cord System – Pigtail Cord plugs into 50 Foot Heavy Duty Extension
Cord – No more down time or costly repairs
• Large Cord Wraps – 50 ft. Cord Fits easily on Machine
• Ergonomic Handle Grip
• Attachments include: Crevice Tool, Plastic Wand, Combo Dust Brush/Upholstery Tool
• Large Capacity H-10 Hepa Filter Bags